Handmade Instruments

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Pekka Suihkonen's violins and other instruments are played in the hands of professionals and student all around the world.

One of the most important elements of a good instrument is the use of good materials with consistent quality.

Suihkonen chooses the material for his violins with care; the wood originates in mid-Europe or America. Finnish spruce is suitable for the top.

After choosing the model and selecting materials the tone of the forthcoming instrument is determined by craftmanship. Naturally, the craft requires good skills as a carpenter, but most important is the application of knowledge based on experience.

As the instruments are all made to order it's also important to know what style of music will be played, and how. Naturally the wishes of the customer are listened to and respected.

Myymälämme palvelee


Myymälämme palvelee ma-ti, to-pe klo 10 - 17.  Laajoista, laadukkaista valikoimistamme jousisoittimet oppilas- ja ammattikäyttöön.